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Movie prices for Puma

The shooting for about 3 years, completed production "Puma - Hunters of the Andes" was awarded the Green Screen Festival in Germany with the award of "The Best Camera" and the Matsalu Festival in Estonia with the "1 prize in the Category Nature".

Gordo on DVD

Now you recive the DVD of "Gordos Journey" with Bonusmaterial (Making of and Trailer). 

Gordo hits the road again

After our first feature film "Gordos Journey to the End of the World" has been shown in more than 150 German cinema, he can now be seen in the global program on board of Lufthansa AG.

» about Capricornum Film

Capricornum Film produces documentaries about nature and wildlife, scientific documentaries and movies for German Television ZDF/ ZDF-ENTERPRISES/ ARD (MDR/NDR) in coproduction with French TV ARTE/ an Austrian TV TERRA MATER und NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC CHANNEL